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Over 15 years of readings!

Jenny is a gifted international medium, clairvoyant, intuitive psychic, healer, spirit artist and tarot reader.  Although she did not fully embrace her gift till 2003, she has been delivering messages as far as she can remember. According to Jenny her glass is never half full or half empty, It is always refillable. When there’s a will, there is a way. 


Jenny was featured in “Spirt paintings and Art From the Afterlife” by Lafayette. A book featuring spirit artists around the world.


SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT COURSE starts Saturday 3/7 10-12 Am @ Jenn’s Sculpture Atelier, Miami.



This is one powerful psychic***** Jenny is the REAL THING and the most impressive psychic I've read with on Bob Olson's site. She immediately described in astonishingly accurate detail the people I wanted to know about, it was mind boggling, because it was 100% correct. She is delightful and will tell you whatever she sees, good or not so good. I recommend her highly! Feedback from the Best Psychic Directory clients 2019

My first time. I held back information, I am skeptical. She nailed it with several things, including knowing exactly how my husband died, which nobody but his doctor and I knew, and an unusual family name right away. I was left after the session feeling calmer, and actually slept last night for the first time in quite awhile, woke up feeling like I had been hugged all night. This was good grief therapy. :-) customer from the June 2019​

I’ve been listening to your sexify your soul podcasts and they have really been helping me out the past couple of months with my anxiety/ depression/ mental health in general . Would love to talk more. Emilia, Barcelona 2018

Thank you for helping my dad in knowing that his wife who passed away at 79, still thinks of him as the love of her life.The reading was beautiful. There are no words.​

CHIARA.  Rome 2018

I had just left the hospital that day and was feeling defeated. I did not expect free reading but your generosity made me believe that there are good people out there. I am taking it one day at a time. Seeing the brighter side of life like you said.. Thank you thank you thank you. ANITA, NY Jan 2017​

I was overwhelmed in the reading and couldn't stop crying.. You touched my heart and I know now what needs to happen. I feel better listening to your advice. Thank you.  Sandy J. Canada Jan 2017

I had my first experience with Spirit Potrait Artist-Jenny.The reading was very interesting and actually very accurate.I have never had this done before and did not know what to expect. Jenny mentioned that there were many spirits around me. I was intrigued as I watched Jenny starting to sketch the spirits around me.. As she was sketching she was describing whom she was seeing. I just watched patiently not saying anything. As jenny was sketching and describing the spirit, I knew that it was my great grandfather. The second spirit that came through was my grandmother, again Jenny described my grandmother and was able to receive/hear my grandmother speak to her. My grandmother gave her names and Jenny wrote them down. The names meant nothing to me but I reached out to my family and they confirmed that the names of the people that my grandmother mentioned was her next door neighbor and her aunt. My other grandmother came through; again Jenny drew the image with accuracy and described her personality. Then she gave me a name which was the name of my grandmother’s sister, unbelievable.It felt amazing to know that I found someone that has this gift and brought the images of my loved ones to life. The accuracy and detail of their images and personalities where accurate. Jenny is very gifted and it was a great pleasure and comfort knowing that I found someone with this ability and accuracy. I would highly recommend Jenny. Sinead Jain. Weehawken, NJ  08/21/2016

Jenny is amazing! I spoke to Jenny a few months ago and she connected me with loved ones that had passed. She was very accurate. She even predicted I was going to go through rough time but that all will be OK.Soon after, my father passed. After my father's passing I contacted her once more and she immediately connected with him. Every time I speak to her I get a sense of peace and validation that my loved ones that have passed are doing well in the spirit world. I recommend Jenny 100%. Ivonne. Miami ,FL  08/19/2015 

I just had my first session with Jenny. I was very excited as I am on holiday in NY. Jenny was spot on with what was happening in my life and I was able to get answer to loads of issues that were really bothering me. She connected with my best friend lianne who passed away last summer. As soon as she sketched her eyes, I felt her presence with me. Great reading, will be back! Jennifer Baily. Devon, UK 08/19/2015 

"Jenny is a true gift in my life! No more than 24 hours safter asking for help from my angels did I find a portrait of my grandmother on facebook...When I contacted Jenny (Whom I had met only a few times prior, we spoke and there was no doubt my grandmother and her messages of love were coming through to me. Our angels are everywhere.. we just have to be open! And Jenny is a magnificent channel for that!! I walked into my first sit down session with her to find a portrait of my father and a message (with his distinct personality coming through!)....I was revealed some chilling truths and validations from my mother, father, grandfather and a cousin who had passed. Jenny is a kind and loving spirit and I feel blessed to know her and grateful that she is a channel from those who have passed onto another dimension! Personality traits of loved ones, her being revealed the way they passed, the portraits, her words....all validations. I can't even begin to say enough wonderful things about her gifts and about the gentle and loving spirit she is a true blessing to know her. From a casual acquaintance, I believe I now have a friend and kindred soul for life! " Bonnie Salkow June 5, 2014

"I was blown away, I had a reading with Jenny in January 2014. That was our very first meeting. As I walked in the room and sat down, I saw the faces of all my loved ones staring at me through drawings that she made before I walked in. It was unbelievable! My mom, my dad, my uncle, my pops, and my grandmother were all there.  She must have thought I was nuts! I cried non stop for an hour. I was so overwhelmed. WOW.. Just WOW".  STEPHANY JAMES June 5, 2014

“I have been in pain for a very long time. I haven't had any help, I haven't grieved, and like right now after all that's happened I feel like it's a beginning for me.. to start to heal x OMG he is with grandma and patty cat. It breaks my heart  to say I can't even remember the day I had lost him. My own son! Thank you so much for the reading and the healing. I can finally take a deep breath.” TAMMY HAYES Feb 2, 2014

"Omg I'm shaking yes it is my husband, I'm crying I can't believe.. this it's incredible"Claire Young Dec 1, 2013



Rates are $65 for 30 min reading or $120 for one hour. In person or via Zoom or phone.



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